Jumpstart 2024 with a Powerful Marketing Strategy and KPI Dashboard


Q4 is here, and you’re almost to the finish line for 2023.

Now’s not the time to slow your roll — now’s the time to make sure 2024 is your best marketing year yet (which is going to mean amazing things for your business).

We’re sick of seeing businesses race into the new year without a plan. They quickly lose traction and energy, and before you know it, they burn out on all the great things they wanted to accomplish. 

There’s only one way to get around this doom cycle: plan your strategy while tracking what’s working and what’s not for your business.

We want to make a powerful, effective marketing strategy possible for you — that’s why we’re offering our Turnkey Marketing Strategies at a fraction of the cost of our custom strategy (but with all the major impact potential that our custom strategies have).

Your Turnkey Marketing Strategy Using the Vision Value Model™ 

With our custom marketing strategies, we dig deep and build out extremely detailed Playbooks that give you an incredible level of detail on how to implement every piece of your marketing plan.

They tell you what to do, when to do it, how to do it, how much to spend, and what to do if it isn’t working (and how to double down if it is).

These Playbooks are your customized process for all the tactics we recommend in your strategy — content marketing, authority building, event marketing, digital ads, you name it. Think of them as your Standard Operating Procedures for all your marketing efforts.

Now while those are great (if we do say so ourselves), they’re not for everyone — they assume that you’ve got a marketing team to implement your strategy.

If you’re a little smaller and are just looking for something that gets down to brass tacks, something that gives you the most important tasks alongside clear direction without diving into the nitty gritty, our Turnkey Marketing Strategy is for you.

Using our 20-point Marketing Essentials Checklist, which covers the most important aspects of marketing that every modern business needs to consider, we build out a 12-month marketing strategy that’s perfect for your brand, your goals, and your industry.

It’s a lot of bang for your buck, and that buck’s not bad — we normally charge between $12,000 and $25,000 for a custom strategy.

A Turnkey Marketing Strategy will cost you less than $6,000.

You don’t get the Playbooks and industry research, but we do use the same Vision Value Model™ that we use for all our clients who buy custom strategies.

This condensed model helps get you into the thick of things fast. It helps you determine your budget and goals so that you can get whoever is running your marketing for you working right away — they just won’t have the Playbooks to guide their every move.

It’s also a good fit if you’re just not at a point where you can do a full custom strategy (either from a budget or a time perspective) but you don’t want to keep going it alone with no clear direction.

This is your roadmap for getting your marketing game up to a professional level. If you’re ready to ramp up and plan for 2024, now is the time to act.

Learn more about our Turnkey Marketing Strategies here.

And if you’re going to invest in strategy, you should probably make sure you can track the effectiveness of that strategy while you’re at it.

And wouldn’t you know it? We’ve got a solution for that too.

Level Up Your Tracking Game with The Value Building Business Dashboard

So, so, so many of our clients came to us originally with quite literally no way of tracking their marketing whatsoever.

And those that were tracking their marketing efforts were more often than not tracking things that didn’t matter and missing the key performance indicators (KPIs) that mattered most to their business.

To fix that problem, we put together our KPI Analysis Blueprint. It’s a proprietary method of evaluating your unique needs based on your industry, your competitors, your brand, your goals, your vision for the future, your values, and everything else that sets you apart from the competition.

We use the same Vision Value Model™ that we use to create our custom marketing strategies to build you a customized Value Building Business Dashboard that’s specific to 2024.

The KPIs we put on your dashboard will be strategically chosen to ensure you’re focusing on data directly related to building value in your business.

Anyone on your team can log in and see where you’re at in real-time. You can check in every now and then and see how things are going, or you can leave it in your marketing team’s hands.

It’s the perfect complement to a Turnkey Marketing Strategy — you’ll have a clear plan of action and an easy way of seeing exactly how well that plan is going.

Learn more about The Value Building Business Dashboard here.

Make 2024 the Year You Start Monitoring the Right Data with the Right Strategy in Place

It’s so common for businesses to have no real clue how well their marketing is working. It’s so common for people to just plow blindly ahead, hoping that all the money they’re spending on marketing is working.

The last thing you want is to look back on your marketing a year from now and wish you’d put a strategy in place with a way to accurately monitor your KPIs.

Don’t be that business.

Don’t market in the dark in 2024.

Let’s talk about how we can help you prep for the new year so you can come out swinging, hit your growth goals, and build some serious value into your business.

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