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4 Marketing Activities

to Increase Value & Support Your Sale

Join us to learn about the 4 most important marketing activities you can do to increase the value of your business now and attract ideal buyers when you are ready to sell in the future.
Presented by Sigma Mergers & Acquisitions & Value Building Marketing.

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December 13
1:30pm CST

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Sigma Mergers & Acquisitions

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Value Building Marketing

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Value Building Marketing

Inside the Webinar We're Sharing...

  • Your Marketing Inventory

    Ever feel like your marketing team spends time creating the same assets over and over? We'll share a strategy to maintain a snapshot view of all of your marketing assets so you and your buyer can get the best ROI from marketing's efforts.

  • KPIs and Expectations

    Marketing strategy is about more than just great content and graphics. You need to know that what your marketing team is doing actually works (and your buyer definitely wants to know what works). Walk away with an editable marketing dashboard and expected KPIs.

  • Marketing SOPs

    A great strategy is only great if anyone on your team, or your buyer's team, can execute it. We'll cover how and why to document marketing processes and procedures.

  • Post-Transition Plan

    What happens after your sale or transition? If you don't have a post-transition marketing strategy in place, you're missing the opportunity to show your buyer just what your business is really capable of. We'll cover what a post-transition plan is and how to document it.

This Webinar is For You If....

  • You want to grow your revenue and overall business value.

  • You know that an exit from your business is on the horizon so you need to start planning now.

  • You've dabbled in marketing or you have a team to handle marketing for you, but you're not sure exactly what works and what doesn't.

  • You have a great team to help with marketing and growing your business, but it would be nearly impossible to replace them without starting over from scratch.

  • You know that when you exit your business the buyer will have revenue & performance expectations and you want to be sure you can meet them.

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