Advisor to High-Net-Worth Business Owners gets Lighting Fast Results with a Turnkey Marketing Strategy


When our client — an advisor to high-net-worth business owners with several unique offerings — approached us, they had a major problem: though they had an idea of the kind of marketing they wanted to do, they had no strategy, and they needed one fast.

Normally our customized marketing plans take several months to implement and involve a huge amount of market research. The strategy we deliver is extremely granular and includes our Playbooks, which you can think of as standard operating procedures for your marketing.

These Playbooks outline in detail exactly what needs to be done for every type of marketing that we recommend so that anyone on the marketing team can implement the strategy we recommend.

This client simply didn’t have the time or budget for something that involved.

That’s why we recommended our Turnkey Marketing Strategy, a streamlined version of our Custom Marketing Strategy that skips the Playbooks and research and goes straight to customized recommendations.

Keeping It Turnkey — A Focus on High-Impact Wins

After having been in the world of marketing for a combined 20 years, we’ve learned just about everything there is to know about how to get the most bang out of every marketing buck.

While some clients want to knock it out of the park and go full-throttle on every form of marketing they can get their hands on, others just need some big wins fast, the kind of wins that will have a big impact on their business.

That’s why we developed our 20-Point Marketing Essentials Checklist. It’s hyperfocused on the aspects of marketing most likely to give any business these types of wins, especially if they’re neglecting those areas when they come to us.

We look at broad categories like lead generation, moving to close, and post-sales and then narrow down to the pieces where our clients need the most help.

Another big benefit of this method is that it allows us to outline the marketing tactics that will get our clients the biggest wins so that, if they have a limited budget like our client had, they can choose the marketing tactics that will do the most for the least amount of money.

Fortunately, our client had a leg up in that respect — they already had some marketing assets they could use.

They just weren’t using them.

Using Available Resources Effectively

When most of our clients come to us, they’re not starting at ground zero — they usually have some marketing assets or tools to work with, and this client was no exception.

They actually had access to some really high-quality content and amazing tools, but they weren’t using them at all, something we took into account before our first meeting.

When we initially sat down with them, we took them through the same Vision Value Model™ we use with our clients who get a Custom Marketing Strategy.

We identified the things that mattered the most to them — their values — and their goals for the future — their vision. We then used our PiPP formula to determine what it was they valued most out of these 4 options:

  • People
  • Impact
  • Process
  • Profit

They told us that their real focus for the coming year needed to be building out the processes they knew they needed and that didn’t exist.

It was time for us to go to work.

Building a Gameplan Unique to Them

The strategy we built for our client laid out everything they needed to be doing in 2023. It explained how they could use their available resources to maximum effect.

It especially prioritized the processes they needed to build to achieve their goals and the low-hanging fruit that would give them the wins they needed right away.

They especially needed help with a process for engaging with leads and following up, so we made that a central part of the strategy.

We also built them a content distribution strategy that used their existing content intelligently, getting that content in front of prospects at the right time and in the right way to ensure it had the chance to make a big impact.

When we delivered the strategy to our client, they asked us to implement it — we went right to work, building up some wins fast.

A Happy Client

Once we put our strategy into action, our client started to see results immediately. They were extremely grateful that we focused on the most important aspects of the strategy that respected their budget limitations.

Here’s what they had to say:

“I’m extremely impressed by the templates and processes that you follow, and I’m equally impressed by your diligent follow through.

The videos you made for us explaining everything you were doing and why you were doing it showed how much you care about what you do. That’s really huge for me! 

I need you two to continue to help us and to have you as my marketing consultants. Good people are hard to find, and I really appreciate you both!”

Get a Strategy That Just Works — Fast

If you’re ready to get a clear marketing strategy fast for next year and beyond, if you’re ready to put marketing processes in place that will last the lifetime of your business, then we’d love to talk.

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