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From Doer to Leader: How Founders Can Delegate Sales & Marketing with Confidence

This webinar collaborative is brought to you by Dr. Nadia Brown of The Doyenne Agency and Value Building Marketing. 

Are you a CEO or Founder struggling to step back from the hands-on sales and marketing roles that built your business? Join our webinar to learn how to empower your teams and manage them effectively to achieve your growth targets and access the “Doer To Leader Gap Assessment”.

We’ll Cover:

  • Starting with the business vision and values and communicating them for team buy-in.
  • Transitioning intuitive growth strategies to your teams (from intuition to execution).
  • Managing teams to amplify sales and marketing efforts with existing resources.
  • Aligning goals and strengths with employee roles (right people, right seats).
  • Enhancing employee morale and connection through vision and values.
  • This session will equip you with actionable strategies to shift from day-to-day operations to strategic leadership, ensuring your business continues to thrive while you focus on long-term success.

Walk away with insights from the “Doer To Leader Gap Assessment” and step fully into your visionary leader role.

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Meet Your Hosts


Heather Steele, Co-Founder of Value Building Marketing and Owner of Blue Steele Solutions, since founding Blue Steele Solutions in 2010, Heather has been dedicated to helping small businesses grow, operate efficiently, and perform like industry leaders. Heather recognized that many small businesses, led by passionate people with incredible ideas, often fail due to a lack of marketing and growth support. To bridge this gap, she co-founded Value Building Marketing, developing the Vision Value Model™ a framework that helps B2B owners create 12-month strategies that align with their vision, values and goals while protecting what they value most.

Dr. Nadia Brown, founder and CEO of The Doyenne Agency, helps business founders build powerful sales teams from existing non-sales team members focused on creating cohesive, motivated, and high-performing sales teams. The Doyenne Agency is a world-class sales training organization, providing back-of-the-room event sales, lead sales conversations for programs, and onsite continuing education and professional development for national coaching and personal development companies and small boutique businesses. Dr. Brown emphasizes continuous evaluation and enhancement of sales strategies and cultures. She highlights the importance of employee engagement, effective onboarding, and continuous development. Her approach includes developing onboarding programs, mentorship, and clear career progression paths.By following her methods, businesses can build resilient, effective sales teams and achieve long-term success.

Randi Skinner, Value Building Marketing Co-Founder and fCMO, brings 15+ years of experience as a marketing and business development professional into developing vision first marketing strategies helping business owners fill the gaps in their marketing implementation efforts. She is a master of marketing, an architect of sales a passionate Rotarian and known for her innovative solutions and dedication to results. Randi excels at developing recognizable brands, creating relatable content, and cultivating authentic relationships within the community. As a co-creator and lead facilitator of the Vision Value Model™ Accelerators Randi and the VBMS team ensure owners have access to the strategies they need to move toward their vision while protecting what they value most.


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