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Over the past 20 years, Heather Steele and Randi Skinner, marketing experts and creators of the Vision Value Model™, have created powerful marketing strategies for hundreds of businesses in just about every industry you can think of.

They’ve helped business owners radically reevaluate their approach to marketing by getting them to take a step back and carefully consider their vision for their business and their life.

The result? Businesses that see profound positive change and immense growth while owners feel the complexity and confusion of marketing wash away, replaced with clarity and confidence.

Randi and Heather are dynamic, interactive speakers who engage business owners during their presentations and help them understand how the Vision Value Model can fundamentally change the way they do business.

Participants walk away feeling empowered and energized, knowing exactly what they need to change in their business today — and how to change it.

Meet Randi and Heather, Marketers Extraordinaire

Randi and Heather both graduated from the University of North Texas with business-related degrees and have a combined total of 40 years of experience in the world of business and marketing.

Randi got her start in the corporate world, spending several years working directly with customers and managing various marketing projects.

After a few stints as Top Sales Gal in a couple of marketing firms, she moved into the world of nonprofits where she could wield her marketing skills for the greater good.

Finally, Randi decided to strike out on her own, founding RS Consulting and working as a Fractional CMO.

Heather also started in the corporate world, but after a decade of seeing bad processes and poor strategy slow down growth, she finally decided to build her own marketing company, Blue Steele Solutions, and help business owners who were ready to think differently.

Ever since then, she’s worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes, helping them rethink their business strategies, focus on their visions, and build a bridge to the future they’ve always dreamed of.

One day, Heather and Randi were talking about the problems that so many businesses run into when it comes to marketing, how most of them fail to put their vision first. They decided to collaborate, founded Value Building Marketing, and co-developed the Vision Value Model.

Our Signature Presentation — From Overwhelming Complexity to Clarity and Confidence Through the Vision Value Model

In our signature presentation, we go over the Vision Value Model in depth. It’s a framework that business owners can use to completely revolutionize their marketing and their business as a whole.

It works on a few key principles:

  • Creating your Vision for your business and your life
  • Defining the Values that matter the most to you
  • Setting the Goals that will make your Vision a reality
  • Getting Clarity around your marketing and your business processes

Business owners who apply the Vision Value Model to their businesses see results immediately. During Randi and Heather’s presentation, they’ll outline the Vision Value Model in detail, covering topics like:

  • What your Vision should look like
  • How to define what matters most to you in terms of PiPP (People, impact, Process, Profit)
  • How you can protect what you Value most
  • How you can use marketing as a change agent to alter your business processes and meet your goals

An Interactive Activity that Gets Your Brand Back in Front of Your Audience

At the end of the presentation, we have the audience complete a unique interactive activity that starts them on their Vision Value journey.

After they’ve completed the activity and gone home, we do something few other presenters do — we employ an often-ignored-but-highly-effective marketing technique to check back in with them in the near future.

This check-in ties the activity that they complete during your event into the Vision they’ve set for themselves, but it also reminds them of their experience at your event and puts your brand back in front of them.

We can time this check-in to coincide with your next event so that previous attendees will see your brand right when it’s time to buy their next set of tickets.

This presentation and others can be tailored specifically to the needs of your audience and the industries they’re in.

Presentations Tailored to Your Unique Audience

While the Vision Value Model can be applied to literally any business, every audience is unique. 

If your audience is going to be composed of a specific type of business owner, business owners in a specific industry, or has any other unique facet that you’d like us to focus on, we’ll tailor our presentation to their needs.

Even if attendees have seen us before, they’ll still get a unique presentation that they can only get at your unique event.

What People Are Saying About Randi and Heather

“Randi and Heather were stand-out speakers at our conference. They took a topic that often feels overwhelming and broke it down into actionable steps, making business and marketing feel clearer through repeatable systems and targeted strategies. Their energy and content made for an enticing and informative talk — I can’t wait to hear them speak again! “

—Madison Newman, Owner and Creative Director of Found and Forged Design Co.

“I walked away with immediately actionable insights. Their streamlined framework is comprehensive while being intuitive and easy to follow.”

—Charlie Hunter, HDIC

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