The Dynamic Duo of Value Building Marketing: Heather and Randi, Your Next Event’s Game-Changers


Finding speakers for your next conference or event who are not just informative but also engaging and fun can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. If you’re on the hunt for keynote speakers who will leave your attendees inspired, informed, and equipped to put the insights they’ve gained into action right away, Randi Skinner and Heather Steele are your gals.

The Dynamic Duo of Value Marketing captivates audiences with their unique blend of energy, expertise, and enthusiasm combined with interactive elements that make their presentations insanely fun and incredibly memorable.

Here’s why you’ll want to book them for your next big event or conference.

The Vision Value Model™: A Fresh Approach to Business and Marketing

Randi and Heather’s signature presentation revolves around the Vision Value Model™, a comprehensive marketing and content creation framework that business owners can leverage to transform their marketing and their connection with their target customers.

Even though this model is revolutionary, it’s simple and straightforward. Anyone can learn the basics of the Vision Value Model™ right away, and Heather and Randi make learning the model fun and easy.

The Vision Value Model™ is built on a few key principles:

  • Creating a Vision for your future
  • Defining the Values that matter to you
  • Setting Goals that transform your Vision into reality
  • Gaining Clarity around your business processes

Randi and Heather will walk your attendees through each of these steps, teaching them the importance of each principle. They’ll then show your audience how to apply each principle and more effectively speak to their target customers, inspiring those customers to take action and become raving fans.

Real, Actionable Takeaways

Randi and Heather’s signature presentation is more than just a motivational speech: it’s a treasure trove of actionable insights. Attendees walk away not just feeling empowered but armed with clear, actionable steps they can implement in their businesses right away.

From defining their vision to tweaking their marketing content, the duo ensures that every piece of advice is practical, doable, and likely to yield immediate results.

Built-in Re-engagement Strategies to Increase Attendance at Your Next Event

What truly sets Randi and Heather apart is their ability to turn a presentation into an interactive experience. Through a unique activity at the end of their talks, they ensure that your audience can begin their Vision Value journey immediately and then re-engage with the content of the presentation a few months after your event.

These follow-ups employ a highly effective marketing technique to remind attendees of their vision and goals (not to mention your event and how much fun they had) just in time for you to start marketing your next event. This gives you a powerful built-in marketing mechanism that will increase the number of returning attendees each year.

Tailored Presentations for Your Unique Audience

Understanding that no two audiences are the same, Heather and Randi go the extra mile to customize their presentations. Whether you’re hosting an event for a specific industry or a group of business owners with unique challenges, they’ll be happy to tailor their presentation to your audience’s specific needs and goals.

This level of customization means that even if your attendees have seen Randi and Heather before, they’re in for a new, insightful experience created just for them.

Rave Reviews and Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it: the feedback they’ve received from previous speaking engagements says it all. Attendees and event organizers alike rave about Randi and Heather’s presentations:

“Randi and Heather were stand-out speakers at our conference. They took a topic that often feels overwhelming and broke it down into actionable steps, making business and marketing feel clearer through repeatable systems and targeted strategies. Their energy and content made for an enticing and informative talk—I can’t wait to hear them speak again!”

—Madison Newman, Owner and Creative Director of Found and Forged Design Co.

“I thought Heather & Randi did a fantastic job. They are great and natural speakers, their expertise is clear, and their delivery makes it really approachable and easy to understand. They offered important ways for people to think about their goals and translate them into long-term marketing positions. I loved the way they created an opportunity for the audience to actually do the work, to write their vision and create a touchpoint with them as a follow-up.”

—Heather Gregory, FlintConf 2023

The Perfect Fit for Your Next Event

If you’re planning a business conference and looking for speakers who will not only educate but also entertain and engage your attendees, Randi and Heather are your go-to.

Their presentations are more than just talks—they’re experiences that inspire action, drive change, and spark joy. With their fun, interactive approach, they ensure that your attendees are not just spectators but active participants in a transformative journey.Learn more here about how to get a unique presentation tailored to your audience and event.


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