Strategy Refresh—Optimizing our Medical Client’s Marketing Strategy


We’ve worked with our client Testosterone Centers of Texas (TCT) for over a decade, helping them with a wide variety of marketing initiatives, including a content marketing plan focused on blog posts, some email marketing initiatives, some print collateral, and even signage in their offices.

While they’ve consistently marketed to men, they’ve found that the work they’ve done in the clinic and the clientele they’ve been helping has changed over the years. Women now make up a larger percentage of their patients, and they’ve also added several weight-loss solutions to their offerings.

Given that their marketing collateral was starting to age, their target market was shifting, and their services were evolving, they decided it was time to refresh and revitalize many of their marketing tools, but they also knew that they needed to do so strategically and economically.

So they turned to us.

A Turnkey Marketing Strategy for the Win

While many of our clients need a Custom Marketing Strategy that dives incredibly deeply into every aspect of their business and fine-tunes solutions as precisely as possible, it’s not the right fit for everyone. TCT was already doing a great job with most of their marketing—they just needed to be pointed in the right direction.

They were a perfect candidate for our Turnkey Marketing Strategy.

This is a streamlined version of our custom strategies that works well for clients who already have a good idea of what they need to do and just want a clear, optimized plan that ensures they’re not missing anything major.

It’s based on our 20-point Marketing Essentials Checklist, a tool we use with all our clients to make sure they’re grabbing every piece of low-hanging fruit they can get their hands on.

From Evaluation to Optimization

First, we analyzed their business and their existing marketing strategy and compared it to our checklist. While we knew they were doing a lot of things right, there were some opportunities that had fallen to the wayside over the years (or had never really been looked at closely).

We came up with suggestions for those pieces of their marketing mix that they already knew they wanted, like their marketing collateral, and then we did a deep dive into other marketing options they hadn’t considered.

For example, automation technology had come a long way since the last time they had looked at it, so we found some options that have the potential to make their marketing dollars go a lot farther than they were currently.

But for the most part, they’d been doing a great job on their marketing—they just needed to do that same great job when marketing their new services to their new target customers.

Because of this shift in strategy, we put together a few marketing initiatives for them, like some email marketing campaigns designed to help them tell their current and former clients about their new offerings. We also suggested alterations to their current content marketing plan to create new content centered on women’s hormonal health and weight loss topics.

In only a handful of weeks, we developed and delivered a marketing strategy that TCT was able to put into play immediately. We’re already working on new marketing collateral for them, and you can already find new blog posts on their website targeting their new audiences.

TCT’s Starting the New Year Strong—Are You?

TCT’s blazing into 2024 with a powerful marketing strategy right at their fingertips.

Are you doing the same?

If you need a clear, succinct marketing plan with suggestions optimized for your industry (and at a price that doesn’t break the bank), a Turnkey Marketing Strategy is the perfect fit.Learn more here about how you can get a Turnkey Marketing Strategy that will help you revolutionize your marketing and start the new year strong.


It's Time for a Strategy That Works


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