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What's Included?

We work with you to thoroughly understand your business and goals, then we will conduct industry and competitor research, review your current marketing situation and create a thorough 1-year plan. 

We then present the marketing strategy to you in a two-hour delivery session. You also receive a set of documents including our research, your custom strategy, and playbooks detailing how to implement each part of the strategy.

The contents of your deliverable are:

  • Strategy Snapshot

    A brief overview of the general marketing strategy

  • Implementation Plan

    Your first year marketing plan organized into a calendar plus ongoing review schedule

  • Metrics & Research

    Key metrics for your business based on your performance and our research

  • Competitor Analysis

    Thorough review of our findings on your top 3 competitors

  • Marketing Inventory

    A review of your current marketing assets and suggestions for improvement

  • Marketing Analysis

    A review of your current marketing performance and overview of gaps. Detailed review of each of your key marketing assets like website, social media and collateral.

  • Audience, Brand & Goals

    Definition of your ideal audience, the brand you want to bring to the market and the short and long-term goals for your marketing plan

  • Lead Generation, Move to Close and Post-Sales

    Specific tactics to generate leads, move them to close, and continue to sell to your customer base. This also includes detailed playbooks or operating procedures for each tactic we recommend.

  • Post-Transition Plan

    If you intend to sell or transition out of your business in the next 3 - 5 years we will include a post-transition plan. This will detail strategies to help meet expected revenue targets, utilize additional budget and/or transition branding to the new business.

  • Marketing Budget

    Specific budget for each tactic in your strategy as well as ongoing fixed costs, ad-spend, and other marketing expenses.

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