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Marketing Strategy Accelerator

Marketing Strategy: Amplified

Unlock the power of collaboration with our group-based marketing strategy development program. Unlike the traditional approach of working individually with an agency, our cohort model offers a unique blend of peer insights, expert guidance, and collaborative learning. 

During our 6-week program you'll get crystal clear on your business vision, values and goals and leave the accelerator with a detailed one-year marketing strategy designed just for you.

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What's Included

  • 6 Hours of Collaboration

    Work with your cohort through exercises to get crystal clear on your business vision, values and goals

  • Small Group Deep-Dive

    Go deep on your marketing strategy in small breakout groups with a Vision Value Model™ certified instructor

  • Custom Marketing Strategy

    Review your marketing strategy one-on-one with your dedicated strategy team

  • Implementation Tools

    Confidently execute your strategy and meet your business goals:

    • 12-month customized marketing plan & task organizer, documented down to the task so you know exactly what to do to reach your goals
    • Marketing Index with insights on implementing each tactic, what KPIs to track, outcomes to expect, when to pivot if tactics aren’t performing and ideas to level-up the tactics that are performing well
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Best Value

Why Choose an Accelerator?

Diverse Perspectives: Benefit from the collective wisdom and varied experiences of fellow business owners, providing you with fresh ideas and innovative solutions you might not discover alone.

Cost-Effective: Share the cost of expert marketing consultation and strategy development, making high-quality marketing insights accessible and affordable.

Enhanced Accountability: Stay motivated and on track with your goals through regular check-ins and accountability within the group, ensuring you implement your strategies effectively.

Networking Opportunities: Build valuable connections with like-minded entrepreneurs, opening doors to potential partnerships, collaborations, and support networks.

Comprehensive Learning: Gain a deeper understanding of marketing principles and strategies through interactive workshops, roundtable discussions, and shared experiences, empowering you to make informed decisions for your business.

Action-Oriented Outcomes: Our structured process ensures you leave with a clear, actionable marketing strategy tailored to your business, along with the confidence and tools to execute it.

The Marketing Strategy Accelerator Timeline

Week 1

Vision & Values

Discovery process to uncover your true vision and discover what you value most about your business.

Week 1

Week 2

Goals Workshop

Develop meaningful, actionable, and relevant business goals to guide your marketing strategy.

Week 2

Week 3

Marketing Bootcamp

Learn about marketing and how processes work together for greater impact. You can send an admin or marketing employee in your place.

Week 3

Weeks 4-6

Finalize Strategy

Meet individually with our team to review and finalize your custom marketing strategy.

Weeks 4-6

next 12 months

Implement Strategy

Your team will have the tools they need to implement your strategy or we can implement it for you!

next 12 months
Day 1
Days 2 - 9
Day 10
Days 14+

Vision Value Model

Discovery process to uncover your true vision and discover what you value most about your business.

Marketing Essentials Checklist

Evaluate your marketing needs based on your vision, values, and goals.

Finalize Strategy

Review and finalize the strategy together, make any additions or changes necessary.

Deliver & Implement Strategy

Deliver the completed strategy including monthly tactics and implementation budget.

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Marketing Strategy That Builds Business Value

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Where do you want to be in 1 year? In 3? In 10? What is your endgame for your business? 

What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?

This is about more than increasing revenue — this is about creating a strategy that helps your business and your life end up the way you want them to.

We approach things a lot differently than other marketing strategists. We’re not just here to make you money (though we’ll certainly help you do that) — we’re here to help you identify the things that matter most to you, to define your vision, and then to put strategies into place that will turn that vision into reality.

It’s called the Vision Value Model™, and there’s nothing else like it on the market today.

How the Turnkey Strategy Works

i. Vision

Your business has a bright future — your marketing strategy should support the ambitious vision you have for your business. You may be looking for specific growth objectives, acquiring or partnering with other organizations for increased capital, or even exploring your options for selling or exiting your business. No matter how big or bold your goals for your future are, we'll build a marketing strategy to help you get there.

ii. Value

You derive more value from your business than just a paycheck. You likely have emotional convictions that support your vision. The value you get out of your business might be financial freedom, a sense of community, or even an impact on the market or environment. We'll incorporate these values into your brand and marketing strategy to ensure that — during business growth and even potential acquisitions — we safeguard what you hold most valuable.

iii. Goals

We'll help you create tangible business goals that your marketing strategy will work toward. These goals will support your vision and values and serve as indicators that our marketing plan is working.

iv. Marketing Inventory

We'll review what you're doing in marketing today and in the past to determine what's working and what's not. Instead of starting over from scratch we'll show you how to build on what you already have.

v. Marketing Essentials Checklist

We'll use our proprietary Marketing Essentials Checklist to determine the best strategies and tactics to help you reach your goals while maintaining your marketing budget. This process allows our team to skip the research phase involved in our full strategies (saving your marketing dollars for implementation) and rely on our experience and expertise to develop your 12-month plan.

You'll get a marketing strategy just right for your business and goals and longterm vision.

vi. Implementation

Getting your marketing strategy is the first step — implementing and overseeing it are steps 2 through infinity. If you're not ready to grow your marketing team just yet, we can oversee your strategy and campaigns for you. We'll act as an integrated part of your team to monitor progress, make ongoing strategic decisions with you, and provide reporting and input on your campaigns.

What People Are Saying

  • They are thoughtful, exceedingly bright, and top-notch. You won’t be disappointed!

    "I emphatically endorse Heather & Randi.

    They have graciously ushered me through a process of refining my vision, helping me discover how to communicate the work we do to my community.

    They saved me from making 'rookie mistakes,' helped me establish the professionalism needed in my field, and showed me how to create some distance from competitors.

    They spent ample time getting to know me and how I think. This showed when they presented my marketing options. I plan on continuing to use them for years to come. They are thoughtful, exceedingly bright, and top-notch. You won’t be disappointed!"

    —Ryan S.

  • The Dream Team!

    "Great people to work with! Heather and Randi (The Dream Team!) Were absolutely the best! They listened to what we wanted and needed, came up with a plan, and totally delivered. I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing their services and would call them again for a future project."

    —Amanda O.

  • It's been amazing working with the Value Building Marketing team!

    "It was an easy process. Our marketing has been fantastic. It's beautiful. And if you're anywhere near social media, LinkedIn, Facebook, and you haven't seen our stuff, well, then you've got your head in a hole somewhere because They've got us everywhere, and it's been amazing working with the Value Building Marketing team."

    —Tom B.


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